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If you read the review on Myows earlier this week, you’ll be waiting for todays giveaway. The guys over at Myows are graciously giving 50 100 accounts away which offer 1GB of storage and the additional features included in their $5 per month accounts.

You’ll be getting in early on these accounts as they don’t even launch until February. Even better, the account giveaways are for life!

Update: Myows has graciously increased the giveaway to 100 accounts!


As a digital media author and HTML/CSS template reviewer at, I know first hand how frustrating copyright can be — especially for those who pay their bills with the works they create. It’s difficult, at best, to keep an eye out for people infringing on your works let alone attempting to do something about it. Even worse, authors can be accused of copyright infringement by those who may know nothing about it, causing serious problems for (an often innocent) author.

The solution? Well, there really isn’t any clearcut solution but the closest you’ll come to one (without hiring your own copyright lawyer) is Myows [mee-o-s]. Myows is probably the easiest and fastest solution as well. It’s a new service but none-the-less promising.

Today we’ll take a look at Myows, their site’s functionality and sexy design.