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I’ve got a serious problem: I’m addicted to music. It’s unusual for me to not be listening to music, especially when I’m working. The stereo is always on when I drive. Headphones are on when I walk the dog or go the gym. I’ve been in and fronted multiple musical groups, from alternative indie to heavy metal. I own hundreds of CDs, but made the transition to going all-digital over my university career, when I valued portability over all else.

These days, I’ve got multiple devices, each with a finite amount of hard drive space. I’ve got an iPod Classic that can hold everything, but my iPhone and iPads are both much more limited. My Android devices have even less room to spare. Rdio recently saved the day. We reviewed Rdio in 2011, but a lot has changed since then. Read on to find out what still makes Rdio worth the subscription today. (more…)

Finding and choosing music to listen to is an easy task for a lucky few. For the rest of us, choosing music is often an annoyance. Whether you are tired of your collection or just don’t know what you’re in the mood to listen to, sometimes it’s good to step back from iTunes and let someone else do the heavy lifting. That’s where an app like Songza comes into play.

Songza labels itself a music concierge. It’s an online playlist based music application, full of playlists for different events, moods, decades and genres. Songza is 100% free AND audio ad-free, a rarity in the world of online music streaming. Read on to learn more about this new music application, like details on how it works and what I think of it thus far.