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Microsoft just announced that they’ll be shutting down Windows Live Messenger – what used to be MSN Messenger – for good on March 15th. After buying out Skype in 2011, the software giant has gradually moved its chat userbase over to Skype’s network. Now, the chat network many of us relied on for over a decade is now going to disappear.

That said, odds are you haven’t used Live Messenger in quite some time, if you’re like most of the people I talk to. Facebook, Skype, and mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp have taken over chatting. You may be chatting more than ever, but odds are it’s not on the same network that you used a half-decade ago, and you’re likely not doing it from your computer.

Or are you? That’s what we’re curious about: what chat network do you use the most? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!