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Webconferencing is one of the most vital, but less celebrated innovations of the broadband era. The technology in its full glory is mostly used in enterprises, and the mainstream population has become accustomed to basic video chat built into Skype, Gtalk, Google+, and even Facebook today. Yet, if you’re looking for an enterprise solution, there are so many solutions to choose from, ranging from companies like Cisco and Microsoft to no-name startups.

Even with big names backing up their product, there hardly is a web conference that doesn’t get interrupted. Either the bandwidth or the voice support fails its users, frustrating them to no end. Then there are issues with incompatible plugins and cluttered user interfaces. LiveMinutes claims to be a webconferencing app that isn’t boring, and works to streamline your meetings. Let’s go check it out.


When I was in college (4 years ago, for those of us keeping count), I had the pleasure of being the Student Government’s first ever Director of Technology, cementing myself as the school’s top geek (at least top social geek). We’d have bi-weekly meetings to discuss pending bills, campus updates, and more. After each meeting, the secretary would type up her hand written minutes, email them to everyone on Student Government, and have me upload a copy to the website. While it was a cumbersome process, I didn’t really explore a better way to do things. After using, I now know there is a now considerably better way to take meeting notes. is a very simple (and beautifully designed) way to to keep meeting notes. It doesn’t require a login and its got a lot of great features packed into such a focused app. Let’s take a closer look.