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Keeping the idea flowing can be really more difficult than it sounds. We get easily distracted, and the chain of thoughts will be lost forever. It would help to write them down but more often than not they are just abstract notions in our heads. Beyond a point things get complicated and even you can’t understand what is in there.

That’s why God invented Mind-mapping. Well actually Porphyry of Tyros did. It is a very simple way to keep track of things but again when your idea grows the tree keeps growing things get muddy and you possibly can’t fit everything in a paper. Over time all I see is an overtly colored, slightly blurred version of a spider web. I was looking out for a savior and I stumbled upon Exobrain. Is it truly what it claims to be? That’s exactly what we are going to find out today.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting SpiderScribe. The developer describes SpiderScribe as an online mind mapping and brainstorming app. It allows people to collaborate online and connect there ideas into visual maps – text notes, files, images, calendar events and even geographic locations (through Goolge Maps).

Read on for more information and screenshots!