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We briefly covered a few months ago when it was basically a ‘single-purpose’ app: you could upload pictures to instantly create a simple gallery that you could share with anyone. Since then, the app has been under heavy development and now has a boatload of features designed to improve the image-sharing experience and allow for other kinds of files as well.

There’s a lot of new stuff under the hood, so much so that we thought we should take another look at it. now works not just as a web app, but also as an app for desktop and mobile platforms. The galleries and editing options have been streamlined and several issues have been ironed out, making for a smoother user experience. Let’s delve deeper now, shall we?


So many of today’s apps sport a plethora of features and uses, which often times go completely unused. The wide range of features included in apps aren’t always for each user but rather the wide range of users that have greatly differing workflows or preferences. However, when you only need to accomplish a simple task, what’s a user to do?

Single purpose apps of higher quality seem to be popping up more and more these days and provide great, simple and easy to use solutions to some of the simple tasks some of us need to tackle. Check out our look at, a super fast and simple way to publish content online, and, a drop-dead simple image gallery for sharing quickly.

What do you think of these single purpose apps?