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Choosing the right Twitter name is important, just as it is important to choose the right email address. Opting for [email protected] may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but things look a little different when you have to use that address to apply for a job!

It’s the same with Twitter. When you first signed up for an account, you may not have given much thought to just how you were going to use the site. The time may well come when you wish you’d chosen a different username. In fact it is possible to change it — and you needn’t lose any followers along the way!


The world of webapps is filled with apps designed to help you manage projects, collaborate with your team, and keep your business running smoothly. Each app seems to have only part of the functionality you’d need to keep your team connected though, so before you know it you’ll end up using a dozen apps. The worst part is, the cost of all these services together can be prohibitive.

That’s where WordPress’ P2 collaboration solution comes in. It’s a free theme for WordPress that lets your team stay in touch with Twitter or Yammer style short messages and makes a great solution for discussions or just letting everyone know what you’re working on. It was designed by the Automattic team to help them stay in touch better while developing WordPress and their other tools.

While at the core it’s still the famous WordPress blogging engine, you’ll usually never see the WordPress dashboard. You can even get it running on a hosted blog in seconds without messing with databases or .htaccess files. Let’s take a look at what P2 has to offer and how your team can use it to stay in touch on the cheap.


Tumblr is a pioneer in the field of microblogging – a new format of publishing for those who want to express their thoughts short and sweet. The primary advantage of Tumblr is that it does not threaten new adopters with a complex back end yet offers limitless possibilities to power users. For instance, if you are a newbie you can click to select a new Tumblr theme. On the contrary, a power user could whip up his/her unique theme with HTML or JavaScript.

In the online Universe, packaging the content is as important as the content itself. You might be the new Wordsworth, but a sleepy blog design will not inspire readers. Now that Tumblr is becoming the undisputed platform of choice for micro blogging, tonnes of themes – free and paid – are available at your disposal.

Today we’ll take a look at twenty-two gorgeous themes to dress up your tumblog.


In a world where even adults have the attention span of a three year old, conventional blogs with thousand word posts will not cut it. Blogs are very effective for professional bloggers and blogging networks like Envato, Techcrunch, etc. However, when it comes to personal weblogs, blogs are going fast out of fashion.

At the same time, 140 characters of Twitter isn’t always enough to express ourselves precisely. That is where, microblogging services like Tumblr come into picture. Tumblr falls in the twilight zone—between full featured blogs and 140 character services—capable of doing both tasks fabulously.

Let’s take a peek under the hood of Tumblr and its features.


The popularity of Twitter has resulted in an influx of spinoffs. These services all have slightly different functions, but each is built on the Twitter platform. They are intended to extend the how we use Twitter — and the sites we’ve listed here today do that really well.