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Campaigns are a powerful tool for businesses to promote themselves, but they can be difficult to execute efficiently and smoothly. Combining the power of social media and campaigns has proven to be a very successful way of promotion—if done correctly. It can be quite difficult, however, to execute successful campaigns, especially for those less experienced with them.

Wildfire seeks to change the difficulty involved in launching and running successful social media marketing campaigns, making it easy for almost anyone to jump right in and successfully execute a quality promotion using today’s social media outlets.

I’ll take a look at Wildfire today and see what they’re bringing to the table of marketing.


Anyone who has spent time looking into the various email campaign web applications will be familiar with the big names: Emma, Mailchimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor. All are good tools — and good companies.

When you need to decide on which product would suit you the best, you have to look a little closer to see if there are any differentiating factors to sway your decision. Campaign Monitor has done so in that they targeted their product squarely at designers.


Twitter has changed the way so many of us use the web. Personally, it has helped me grow vital relationships and start my own business. And for businesses — large or small — it’s giving them an exciting new way to interact with their customers. But if you are running a business and want to use Twitter, how can you make sure you’re engaging your audience?

That’s where a tool like Peashoot can help.


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