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Imagine it now. You’ve come up with the best idea ever and a great way of executing it but you need somewhere to quickly lay down your ideas. Pen and paper’s fine but what if you need to digitise this and send it to your team later? Why not just kill two birds with one stone?

That’s where MindMeister comes in. It offers a unique way to create digital mind maps through the use of various nodes that comprise your idea. Fast and with a free plan, it’s definitely for you.


When you need to map out multiple addresses, it can be a bit of a pain, not to mention time consuming. An easy way to get all your addresses mapped into Google or Yahoo maps, is with BatchGeo. Using a spreadsheet of your location information, BatchGeo will do the rest, mapping each of your locations and allowing you to save, print or otherwise use the resulting map.

Let’s take a look at using BatchGeo.