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I am a runner. I have been running since high school cross country and track. Back in those days we kept logs of our distance and times in a notebook, but, like all things, technology has made sweeping changes to all of that. Ten years ago, perhaps a little more, Garmin teamed up with Timex for a GPS watch that could track your runs — I spent something like $300 on one and it was cumbersome to wear, plus had spotty coverage.

Fast forward to today and things have changed dramatically — GPS watches do not require that big armband transmitter I once wore and data can be uploaded directly to fitness programs and web sites without the user needing to even lift a finger.

While there are multiple solutions to handle this, the one I have chosen to use in recent times is called Map My Run — the maker also offers similar services for bicyclists, walkers, hikers, triathletes and general fitness gurus. Registration is free, though there are premium services available for a price. All of these services also offer mobiles apps that are available for both Android and iOS as well. (more…)