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Web apps, for the most part, have taught us that we didn’t need all the features rich desktop apps offered. Most people don’t need every feature in Word, so Google Docs or even simpler tools like Draft were enough. Mobile apps have mostly continued the trend, with apps that have far fewer features.

The Lucidchart team has shown us, though, that web apps don’t have to be basic. Their web app takes on Visio and OmniGraffle — and does a great job competing. And now, they’ve made yet another full-featured app for the web, this time to revolutionize rich print and digital publishing with the brand-new Lucidpress.


Last summer, Apple started changing the state of the art for iOS apps with iCloud, a service that, for the most part, seamlessly syncs data from your apps between your devices. It made iOS devices and Macs feel more connected, without users having to create new accounts and make sure everything stayed synced. This summer, Google’s changing the state of the art for web apps with Google Drive, which could easily change what we expect of web apps in the same way.

The Lucidchart team has always been quick to add new features to their impressive online charting and diagraming app, and they continued the tradition by being one of the first major web apps to offer Google Drive integration after its launch. We got a chance to talk with the Lucidchart team about how they integrated Drive into their app, so keep reading after the break to hear their thoughts on Google Drive and the future of web apps.


Laying out diagrams and charts should be easy. But for the most part, it’s not. I had to use Visio for a painful few weeks during a class, and was constantly frustrated by it. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much nicer LucidChart is even though it is a web app. It’s a diagraming app that works great, with more native features than many native apps.

That’s the best thing about LucidChart: it’s a web app that actually works better than its competing native apps. It’s an unusual phenomena, so keep reading to hear more from the LucidChart team about how they did it, as well as the newest feature they’ve just added to LucidChart.


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Conventional wisdom would say that web apps generally are less feature-full than their native app counterparts. Google Docs is less polished than iWork or Microsoft Office 2010, but that’s just to be expected. And on mobile browsers and tablets, many web apps are much harder to use than native apps, but hey, it’s just a web app. You can’t expect so much, right?

LucidChart is one app that’s proving the conventional wisdom wrong. They’ve created a web app that runs faster and smoother than many desktop apps. Visio can drive you insane after using it for a few minutes, but we were very impressed at how nice LucidChart was at creating diagrams and more when we first reviewed it. Since then, the developers haven’t rested on their laurals. Instead, they’ve added a Visio file importer, offline support, and amazing integration with the iPad that lets you draw intricate diagrams quicker than ever.

Keep reading for a peek at the new features, and a chance to win a free year of LucidChart Professional! (more…)

Do you get frustrated with rich webapps that take forever to load or require Flash to run? There are many drawing and charting webapps, but the majority are relatively slow and powered by Flash. Today we’ll look at the HTML5 powered app LucidChart, for creating rich charts, mockups and diagrams.

LucidChart is one of the many webapps that let you create charts and diagrams online, but it sets itself apart by using native web technology which makes it run faster than its Flash based competitors. It also lets you do more than just plain flow charts. You can use it to make mind-maps, mockups of the iPhone app you’re designing, or the standard org charts and diagrams usually made with Visio. Let’s see how you can put this to use to get charts and diagrams made for your projects.