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It is time to face the reality that there are less and less reasons to avoid cloud storage. Competing cloud providers and their product offerings are now backed by some large players: Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Google Drive, and the front-runner that made it all popular – Dropbox. Let’s be honest, who thought that cloud based syncing could remain exciting in 2012?

Cubby, LogMeIn’s entrant, is certainly no exception to the trend of exciting file sync and sharing apps. Cubby is combining all the things Dropbox and its contenders lack into a powerful product that is still in beta. Cubby has a great feature set and is a easily a strong contender for the cloud synchronization crown.


Whether you need to lead a client through a presentation, go over iterations of a new design with some of your coworkers, or show your mother how to install Skype so she can videochat with the grandkids, we all need a simple and free way to share our screens with someone not in the room with us.

Enter Join.Me, a cost-free, registration-free, download-free app for sharing your screen over the Internet.