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Qvivo is a name already known for their beautifully designed desktop app. The Mac/Windows app has been out for a while and allows users to compile all of their media into impeccably designed libraries. The app makes for simple and attractive media consumption. Qvivo has capitalized on the success of their desktop software over the past year, releasing a web app, iOS apps and a cloud syncing service.

In this article I’ll take a much closer look at the features of their web app. I’ll also investigate their cloud service and try out their other apps to see how well they all integrate. It seems like a pretty interesting app/service so stick with me after the jump to learn more about Qvivo and how well it works.


For most, music is a core essential in day to day living. We hear it while shopping, waiting in elevators, perusing the mall, while driving and just about anywhere there’s electronics. Thanks to developments in web technology, we’re able to enjoy more music that we prefer and even build online libraries — in some cases for free. There’s even been speculation that Apple is preparing to offer some sort of online version of iTunes while Amazon has already delivered their version, called Cloud Player.

With so many fantastic music streaming (both radio and full library) apps available, it’s hard to decide between them all. With your help, we’d like to put together a comparison between the most popular music streaming apps and all their different offerings. This overview should help many of you make a more definitive decision and ultimately a more satisfying one.

So which app(s) do you use? If yours isn’t in our poll list, let us know what it is. Why is it your preferred music streaming app?

Is there anything worse than scrolling through your music library and cringing every time you pass by an album with no artwork? Have you ever spent hours searching through Google Images to find blurred, low quality pictures of your favorite imported CD’s?

If yes, then 5byfive is a service that will make your day.