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Hardly anything in today’s economy is cheap, especially not legal help. Contracts, business agreements and other standard legal documents are mandatory to close a business transaction, but getting them drawn up is often a costly proposition.

Docracy is an online repository that offers free contracts and other legal documents, socially curated by the communities that use them. The web app is filled with legal documents from reputable, transparent sources and social proof to help you find something as close as possible to the perfect document. Not just the tax forms and stuff you can find on government sites; these documents are those you might otherwise need to pay a lawyer to make for you.

After the jump, we shall learn how to take advantage of this amazing new app!


The legal jargon required to make a sound privacy policy is overwhelming to say the least. That being said, it is absolutely necessary to make a privacy policy for your site or you might face huge fines as a result. If you want to avoid the cost of hiring a legal professional or the pain of pushing through the legal terminology yourself, it is important to find a viable alternative. One of the ones to consider is iubenda, an online privacy policy generator.

Not only does iubenda create a privacy policy for use on your site, the application offers both a “user-friendly” version and a version full of all the legal words. The privacy policies are constantly updated by the legal team at iubenda, take only a few minutes to set up and come with both a free and pro version. Read on to learn a bit more about how it works and what I really think of it.