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When you’re launching a new product/service or announcing a new offer, it’s important to give customers the information they need to close the loop – and it doesn’t hurt to look good while doing so. That’s where landing pages come in – by definition, they’re attractive, concise, to the point and present customers with a way to opt in to whatever it you’re selling. So how do you create an absolute deal-clincher of a landing page?

Lander might be a good place to start. The app allows you to build landing pages using a simple interface with powerful features, publish them and analyze your conversions as they happen. Could this be the new secret weapon in your arsenal of marketing tools? Let’s put a page together and find out. (more…)

When you’re running a business by yourself or in a small team, you’re often prone to the obtrusive clutter in your email inbox – causing you to spend more time sorting everything out and leaving you with less time to do your job. Inside all of this clutter, you’re expected to easily identify clients and separate these important messages from the rest but this can also lead to a lot of headaches.

ContactMe does all of this and more – it offers a great and useful way to manage all of your contacts and make discussion with your clients that extra bit easier. Offering support for almost every aspect of contact management, it can be a really great addition to any business. Read on to see what I’m talking about.