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I have a to-do list system that works really well for me, and I’m quite content to stick with it. The only downside is that it’s not digital, so I have to have the to-do list with me at all times or I don’t know what I should be working on. It’s fine most of the time, but it can get annoying. Knowing this, I’m always glad to give a digital to-do list a shot – especially when it’s got a twist.

LazyMeter is a cool online to-do list that takes your tasks and organizes them into a playlist. Your main focus is the list of tasks you have just for the day, so you’re just focusing on what you need to do in the present. There are ways to add and keep track of scheduled and unscheduled future tasks as well – the scheduled tasks will appear on the day’s playlist as appropriate. That sure sounds like a unique twist on task management!