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The internet is not as safe of a place as we wish, and passwords are far from impossible to crack. If you want to be safe, you have to take every precaution and extra step you can in order to make sure no one get access to your online accounts and services. These days, the majority of online services use two-factor authentication as an extra precaution to protect your online accounts.

Let’s take a look at how you can enable 2-factor authentication on some of the most important services you use: Gmail and Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and LastPass.


If there’s one major problem with web apps, it’s that most of them require you to create an account. It’s gotten somewhat easier in recent years as more sites let you login with your Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. Still, even remembering unique and secure passwords for a dozen major web apps can be daunting at best. Throw in your banking accounts and other more sensitive data, and it’s impossible.

It’d be easy enough to just stick with a short password you can easily remember, and use it on all of your accounts. That’s simple enough, until one of your accounts gets hacked and your password is stolen or released to the world. Recent security breaches at Sony and other major sites have released millions of users’ passwords into the world. Worse still, researchers have found that most of the passwords were wildly insecure, and password was one of the most common passwords!

The best solution to this is to use a password manager, so you can remember one strong password, and then generate strong passwords saved in the manager so you won’t have to remember them all. 1Password is a great app for this, and is currently featured on our AppStorm Freelance bundle. It runs on Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android, and even has a web view so you can save your passwords securely to your hosting service or Dropbox and view them anywhere. LastPass is a popular web app password manager, and it runs on almost anything you can imagine. It can even work with a YubiKey to make your main password even more secure.

So we’d like to know what you use to keep up with your passwords. If we didn’t include your favorite app, please let us know in the comments!

Then, of course, you have to remember: even the best security is only so secure!

Have you ever felt like a sitting duck? Not on a lake or pond, but on the dark annals of the web where thousands of hackers and millions of their bots are trying to steal your identity all the time? Well I did feel like a sitting duck, roast beef, a wabbit and much more when the one password that I used across all my digital imprints — personal mail IDs, root server, domain name controller, PayPal, bank accounts, etc. — was hacked.

But now with 32 to 50 character passwords inclusive of alphabets of all cases, numbers and symbols, I am so confident that only the NSA can hack my password. I secured my online identities with LastPass and am gonna tell how to do it yourself.