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Learning a new language can be one of the most difficult tasks you could undertake, but it’s also one of the more rewarding educational experiences possible. You’ll have to relearn that you think to really be able to speak a language fluently, but then, you’ll get to open your horizons to a whole new world of media and society with your newfound language skills.

If only learning languages was easier, perhaps more of us would give it a try. I personally moved from the US to Thailand when I was 11. I was fully immersed in Thai, and yet even at that young age, I found it extremely difficult to learn Thai. Over a decade later, I still struggle to sound anything like natural in Thai.

There’s no way we can make learning a language as simple as installing a new app in our brains, but perhaps innovative apps could make the task a bit simpler and more fun. That’s exactly what Duolingo set out to do.


When learning another language, it is important to utilize some sort of lesson based learning to help pick up vocabulary and grammar. Many web applications do offer language lessons of some sort, whether they have intensive lessons for many languages or simple lessons for just one language.

Livemocha is a language learning community with lessons in over 35 languages and the ability to interact with speakers of many more languages. This gives you a chance to talk with native speakers of your target language, whether for feedback, conversations or questions. Read on to learn about what Livemocha has to offer and how well it works.