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When you’re launching a new product/service or announcing a new offer, it’s important to give customers the information they need to close the loop – and it doesn’t hurt to look good while doing so. That’s where landing pages come in – by definition, they’re attractive, concise, to the point and present customers with a way to opt in to whatever it you’re selling. So how do you create an absolute deal-clincher of a landing page?

Lander might be a good place to start. The app allows you to build landing pages using a simple interface with powerful features, publish them and analyze your conversions as they happen. Could this be the new secret weapon in your arsenal of marketing tools? Let’s put a page together and find out. (more…)

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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting KickoffLabs. The developer describes KickoffLabs as an app that help you find customers with a viral landing page you can setup yourself in less than 60 seconds!

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Creating buzz online is no easy task. Unlike conventional media channels, you can’t popularize a brand with a blitzkrieg ad campaign. Throwing money at banner ads and Google AdSense won’t help much either. To create a sustainable, positive and grass roots level word of mouth chatter, your campaign should go viral.

Going viral requires some really cool ideas that grab the attention of people in few seconds or less. One key ingredient of such a successful campaign is a gorgeous landing page that reveals hardly anything arousing curiosity. A landing page might sound like a single static HTML page, but when done right it can and will work wonders for your brand.

Kickoff Labs emphasizes that it helps you acquire customers. That’s a bold statement and I’m not going to believe them until I try it out myself. Care to join me?