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When working in a team, what tools do you need? You want a task management solution to keep track of what’s to be done, what’s being done and what’s been done. Of course, you also need a project management space to keep track of the broader goals and teams. And some sort of system to analyse all of this. A calendar would be nice to group all of those important dates in one place. How about a section to share important notes? Obviously, you’ll need a cloud storage account to put important files in, which everyone can access, and some data encryption to keep it safe. Plus, if you have all these things, it just makes sense to chat with your colleagues easily.

Meet Strikebase, your one-stop solution for all your team management needs. And for some reason, it’s eerily similar in design to Facebook. There’s the left sidebar that expands upon scrollover, and even that top bar with notifications and search — both in a colour that seems like an FB-ripoff.


Taiichi Ohno is considered to be the man that made Toyota a supremely efficient organization, boosting it to worldwide success. Ohno’s secret was the Kanban (Japanese for signboard) project management system. Since then, the Kanban system has become extremely popular in organizational resources, and there are several Kanban-oriented web apps already out there.

LeanKit Kanban takes the system and infuses it with the benefits of the digital world, from analytics to team-sharing. If you often have trouble keeping a track of what projects need to be delivered, or which member of your team is up for a new assignment, this is what you need. (more…)