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We often joke at AppStorm that the majority of web apps are project management apps, but there’s one other category that seems to have more than its share of contenders: file sharing apps. From beautifully simple apps like Droplr and CloudApp, to file sync-and-share services like Dropbox and, to apps for selling files online, to Bittorrent and the hordes of semi-shady services for sharing, um, very large files, the web’s truly full of file sharing services.

That’s sensible, seeing as we all need an easy way to share our digital creations online, but one has to wonder if there could possibly be any more innovation in this space. After all, there’s many very simple file sharing apps that are beaufiully designed. What more could one ask for?

How about instant uploads, in-browser previewing of 150+ filetypes, and a way to share sets of files without signing up for an account? Would that spark your interest? If so, Jumpshare might be the file sharing app you’ve been waiting for.