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Designing websites is an art. A lot of tools and techniques are used to create a design before the programmers can start working on it to create the backend. Even for the experienced designer, it might not be ideal for remembering the organization of the pages and content in his head throughout the process. Pen and paper can only go so long.

Jumpchart helps you plan websites before getting the design and coding done. Care to know how useful the app actually is?


Thanks to everyone for participating in our giveaway last week. Judging by the number of entries, it appears there are a lot of fans of Jumpchart.


We’ve had a lot of great stuff to give away lately. And the giving is going to just keep on here. Today we’ve got some free licenses for Jumpchart to give away.


When it comes to building a website, however small it may be, you can be certain that you will go through several modifications before arriving at the final structure as well as copy. Now imagine you are working in a team and each person has their own ideas. You can at least double to number of alterations that the website would go through.

Once your team is satisfied, you present your final proposal to the client and he wants to modify further. He wants to add a few more pages to the About Us section. “Oh, and the homepage needs more images”, says the client.

As the developer, how do long can you go on tweaking things without losing it? Well, that depends on your tolerance level and on how much the client is paying you for the project.

But maybe Jumpchart can push your tolerance level a little further and get you to a few more changes.