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Face it: we all hate writing up a new résumé. Whether you’ve had 2.5 million different jobs or have stayed in the same position for the past 45 years, it’s somehow incredibly frustrating to put down your skills and experience on a piece of paper and get it looking halfway decent. Perhaps it’s because we’re shy to list what we’ve done, or we’re worried about what potential employers will think. Either way, writing a résumé ranks up there with filing taxes in the list of the world’s most hated jobs.

It doesn’t have to be that hard, though. is a brand new web app that lets you create a nicely designed résumé in seconds. In fact, if you’ve already got a filled-out LinkedIn profile, you might be able to get a polished résumé without doing anything more than signing in. In today’s economy, it’s always good to have a current résumé, and now there’s a way to do it without wasting your afternoon.