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If you take a look at a sample range of web apps out there nowadays, I bet your bottom dollar that around 80-90% of those will highlight collaboration as one of their key features. And why not? We’re past the times of constant e-mailing back and forth and endless meetings to get stuff done. Now we want to log onto the Net and share our ideas with our teammates there, not in meetings on a big whiteboard.

Of course there are plenty of different ways to do this, and today we’re going to have a good look at Comindware Tracker, another solution to help both you and your team work together and manage your time more effectively. Let’s get started straight away.


If you’ve ever worked on a web development project, no doubt you’ve had to have dealt with bug and issue tracking at some point. Whether this has been through the traditional email process where it’s hard to keep track of them or through a dedicated web app, it’s hard to find the perfect way to handle these. The dedicated apps can often be a bit cluttered and email can also be a pain to organise.

Luckily, DoneDone is here to help. It offers a clean and intuitive interface for teams of developers to easily manage and track bugs so read on to find out more!


With any development project or something in which bugs are required to be fixed constantly, it can be a real pain to manage what needs to be worked on. Developers need to know exactly what’s wrong to ensure that they can release fixes in a swift turnaround and prevent any errors that could result from the bugs. Luckily, in the age of web apps, there’s a web app for everything and in this case, there’s a perfect one for the task of this in the form of Snowy Evening.

Much like its name, it’s quaint and is a nice little app that really packs a punch in the field of issue tracking. Packed with an incredible interface and a really practical pricing model, it can be a really good addition to any developer’s toolkit. Read on to find out more!


Bugs and programming go hand in hand. You can probably measure a developer based on how much attention he/she pays to finding bugs, fixing them and tracking them to see if they ever show up again. Bug tracking is not the glamorous part of being a developer, but is the most critical one.

Bug tracking system of various shapes and sizes have existed for decades. Since the workforce is getting more and more distributed, bug tracking apps have moved to the cloud- either they are self hosted or cloud based third party solutions are employed. Self hosting is cheap, but becomes one more system that needs to be maintained internally.

Sifter is a bug tracking app that strives to simplify the cumbersome process of tracking bugs and issues. How different is it from the rest of the apps from a crowded vertical?


When it comes to building software — for any platform or medium — you need to keep track of the issues and bugs in your product. And you’re probably better off not keeping track of these things in your inbox or a Word document. You need the right tool for the job.

Today’s giveaway prize is one such tool.