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There’s quite a few invoicing apps out there, many of which do a fantastic job. One of my favorites though, and the one I actually use personally is FreshBooks. It’s arguably the best time tracking and invoicing web app available, certainly making billing far less painful.

Several Freelancers I’ve spoke with say FreshBooks feels too complicated or offers more than they need. Today I’ll take a quick look at just how easy it is to track your time and quickly invoice with FreshBooks and why those extra features should be more than welcome.


We recently took a look at how easy invoicing could be with Blinksale, especially with their incredibly simple and easy to use web app. Today we’re giving away three accounts to our readers, provided by Patrick from Blinksale. Thanks Patrick!

For more details on the accounts or how you can grab one of them, read on.


There is an abundance of invoicing web apps available these days, capable of meeting just about anyone’s needs. The difficult part, however, can be finding the invoicing app that meets your needs and works the way you want it to. With an ever growing selection of invoicing apps available to consumers, app creators are doing whatever they can to set themselves apart.

Blinksale brands itself as “Still the easiest way to send invoices online”, which I intend to find out for myself. Blinksale appears to be a no-nonsense, straight forward invoicing app with the right feature set to get the job done right the first time. But does Blinksale stand up to its claims? Read on to find out.


If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ll know that I like apps with a little pizzaz. There are always exceptions, but I believe that most often a finely crafted interface speaks to the quality of a tool in all areas.

Ballpark is a perfect illustration of this concept.


A key to running a successful business is to keep your costs as low as possible and to be efficient as possible in areas that will benefit your customers. But that’s common sense and most people already know that. What can be hard is finding out just how to cut costs and make your workflow more efficient.

Today’s prize fits perfectly into this concept.


The giving continues here — welcome to Day 3 of our Advent contest. Today I’m happy giveaway some memberships to the excellent time tracking and invoicing application, Less Time Spent.

Do you work for clients? If yes, read on for more details about today’s contest.


With American Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s a good time to give away some subscriptions to the excellent time tracking and invoicing tool, Harvest.

Thanks again to Danny and the team at Iridesco, and thanks to everyone who entered in the competition.


Okay, that title is just a play on words. But it is the harvest season as we in the northern hemisphere say hello to Autumn. So what a perfect time to give away some licenses to the great business solution Harvest (which we recently reviewed).


Whether you’re a one-person freelance business, or a massive organization, one of the toughest things to keep track of is time. For many companies, that report and bill to various clients, being able to report how much time has been spent, what’s being accomplished, and what’s being worked on is a terrific feature.

Harvest is an app for just such a company, offering tools that help employees track time, invoice clients, and keep tabs on all the projects running at a given time. It’s an impressive application, and with a 30-day free trial (without even a credit card required), it’s worth a look for companies and organizations of any size.


When it comes to being a web worker, there are a few tools that everyone needs. Email, a calendar of some sort and, if you want to get paid, a way to bill your clients. And as the functionality of the web improves, more people are turning to web based tools to meet these needs.

As for getting paid, sending invoices is not a task that is endeared by all — quite the contrary. Spend a little time with remote workers or freelancers and you’ll find that a lot of people dread this aspect of working for yourself or running your own team.

There are a few reasons why this task can be such a chore. Choosing or creating a nice looking invoice is not an easy task, nor is following up with clients who are slow to pay. The entire process of totaling costs, prepping the invoice and then communicating with the client can be extremely time consuming.

And that’s where Ballpark comes in.


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