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When you get bored online, there’s a million ways to keep yourself distracted. You could head over to your favorite social network, read the news, watch YouTube videos, play online games, and tons of other things. What we don’t usually do is head to web apps designed to be whimsical and entertaining. Turns out, though, there’s quite a few developers that have put together some fascinating web apps that, while not useful, will be sure to keep you entertained, at least for a bit.

Here are 15 websites that I stumbled upon that are weird, funny, or even scary, but they’re all quite interesting. You just might find a new favorite way to distract yourself online!


Tumblr is all about less words and more visuals. Finding a tumblog that posts an article with more than 500 words is a tough task. It’s just not that the Tumblr platform is intended to be multimedia oriented but people joining it are more audio and visual oriented too.

There are tumblogs filled with pictures of stuff that would be considered obscure even in the long tail, music blogs to promote the garage and indie bands, tumblogs featuring weird video mashups and so on. Tumblr directory is like niche-a-palooza and today we’ve rounded up a few interesting tumblogs worth following.