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Creating things on the web has started to become easier to do with the help of some of the amazing web tools and apps that are out there. One area that seems like it is becoming more prominent on the web is eBook and magazine creation. When books and eBooks first came out, publishing was somewhat of a pipe dream unless you had a great book or you knew how to get it published, which meant that it wouldn’t be able to get in front of a lot of people. Now, with the web, book creation and content distribution is a lot easier to do. That is not to take away from people who work hard on their own to get published, but the web is providing a platform for the average person to be able to get more exposure to their writing than before.

Today, I am taking a look at a web application that offers the mass market of people the ability to create their own ebook/magazine. gives people a platform where they can easily create content on the web so that it can be distributed to the world. They aren’t the first web app to do this, and they most certainly won’t be the last, but there was something about how clean and easy it looked to use that I thought I had to just try it out for myself.


According to the Guinness book of world records, Roundhay Garden Scene, released in 1888, is the oldest surviving film in existence. It was recorded at 12 fps.

Videos have come a long way since those days, evolving from that rough art to the high definition and 3d videos of the present. Video is now used as one of the most important forms of communication, on TV, but increasingly on the web, too. As video evolved, some people began working towards making it interactive and much more connected to the web. Among those people were the folks at Mozilla whose effort led to the development of popcorn.js, a HTML5 media framework written in javascript for anyone who wants to create interactive media on the web.

Then in 2012, they released the Popcorn Maker which is supposed to let you create videos that behaves like the web itself. It’s a video editor built on top of popcorn.js that let you remix and enhance your web videos to include live data from the web. Is this app the future of media? Lets find out.


As a writer for the App Storm network as well as a tech fanatic, I am constantly keeping up on all the tech news around the world. For the longest time, Google Reader was one of the easiest and best ways to consume news on the net. But as time has gone on, there have been other apps out there that have gained traction on it and have also incorporated Google Reader into their own app. One of the that comes to mind is Flipboard, who has added their own twist to consuming news while incorporating Google Reader feeds into their app as well, instead of trying to fight Google’s dominance directly.

Then, another major trend is that Facebook and Twitter have become popular ways to consume tech news. There are some developers out there that have recognized this and have come out with some great apps. One of them, called Prismatic, has done this well, enough that I took it for a test drive for a few days and came away impressed. Can it replace your Google Reader feed? Well, I guess you are just going to have to read on and find out.


Let’s be honest, powerpoint presentations just don’t cut it these days, at least in my opinion. As an educator for my full time job, I am always challenged with ways that I can engage my students in their learning. To most students, school is boring, and we need to spice it up so that they can enjoy it. Gone are the days of just throwing up a powerpoint and wowing students, customers, etc with your cool graphs or transitions. We need to move past this if we are going to captivate our audience. does exactly just this by giving you an intuitve way to create presentations that are engaging and can create communication between you and your audience. You want to engage your audience and have them conversate around the presentation so that learning can happen in a greater way. gives you, the presenter, various ways to present your material and gives your audience the opportunity to interact with you.


Editor’s Note: After careful consideration, we have decided to remove this post. W3Schools does have some correct information that can be useful to beginners, but it also has a number of inadequacies as our readers have pointed out in the comments. Our post was not affiliated with W3Schools in any way, and we have deleted it since it the inaccurate information in W3Schools’ sites could be especially misleading for beginning developers, the very audience of this article. If you’d like more information on the problems with W3Schools, please check out to see some of the worst problems with their content.
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