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Today, the world is waking to the news that Apple’s dynamic leader, Steve Jobs, is stepping down from his position as CEO of one of the greatest companies in the world. Nearly 15 years after returning to Apple, and 11 years after becoming CEO again, Jobs is leaving Apple as one of the strongest companies in the world today. Few tech products, from Apple or its competitors, have not had some influence from Jobs’ work, and its tough to imagine many of the advances we’ve seen in the past decade without his leadership.

More than ever before, the past few years have cemented Apple’s position in computing, and native apps on OS X and iOS have been the main focus of tech writing for years now. But interestingly, in the years since Jobs returned to Apple, he has focused on web technologies, too. Let’s take a look at Steve Jobs and Apple’s legacy on web apps, and what developers today can learn from his influence over the years.


We’re surrounded by beautifully designed sites and apps nowadays. Every new app, it seems, has an increasingly intricately designed icon, and bad designs almost feel startling. Unfortunately, when most of us set down to design a new icon or lay out a clean interface on our sites, we feel like we come up short. Whether you’re an advanced designer or haven’t ever opened Photoshop, sometimes we all need to learn from others and get feedback on our work.

Design is an iterative process. It takes inspiration, perhaps from others’ work, and it takes feedback from others on what you’re doing right and where you’re missing it. After all, don’t forget Picasso’s famous quote that’s been popularized by Steve Jobs: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” After the break, we’ve put together a list of a dozen of our favorite sites that can get you inspired to create and help you get feedback on the things you’ve created.


The current web offers a lot of ways to share with others — your thoughts, photos, videos and career history can all be attractively displayed with one tool or another. And when it comes to sharing what makes your creative juices bubble over, Ember leads the way.

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