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Ever get frustrated finding emails from your team, or have trouble tracking down that receipt your colleague should have already filed for your business expenses? You don’t need a new app, you just need a new way to make your email more powerful. That’s exactly what SquadMail offers.

SquadMail can best be described as “Dropbox for email”, since it lets you share synchronized Gmail labels (or any IMAP email folder) with others. Instead of constantly CCing your entire team on every email, you can simply assign a shared label to it and it’ll show up in just the right place in your collaborators’ inboxes. If your team changes, you can simply add a new person to a label and they’ll have access to all the old emails.


Additionally, each label gets its own email address so that you can send emails straight to a group of people, or set up special inboxes in your email client for receiving newsletters, social network notifications or to sign up for web apps. Last but not least, SquadMail lets you synchronize Gmail labels  and email folders with your Dropbox account. The service automatically extracts all the attachments from a certain label and puts them in the same folder on your Dropbox. Since the labels have their own email address this also makes it possible to email files straight to a folder on your Dropbox.

You don’t need to download or install anything to use SquadMail and it works with every email client, be it Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. SquadMail also doesn’t store any emails, and the entire synchronization is done with a secure SSL encryption.

Start Using SquadMail Today!

There’s no reason to use CC with your team anymore. Instead, signup for a free SquadMail account today and see how much simpler life can be with shared email folders! You can sync up to 3 email folders or labels for free, and then purchase additional synced folders for $2/month and share them with as many collaborators as you want. You couldn’t ask for a simpler or cheaper way to get your team working together right in the place you’re already working the most: your inbox.

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