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I have got a few gigabytes of photos lying around in my harddisk. Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones, now everyone has got a load of them too. Stashing them away in an external hard disks or DVDs doesn’t actually serve the purpose. Uploading them to one of the many image sharing and portfolio apps is one way to go.

Not only the images are backed up, you get to share those images with friends and family. And if you are professional photographer, it has never been easier to create a portfolio to show your prospective clients. After the break, you can find a bunch of web apps to share your precious moments with your loved ones during the holiday season.


Planning makes life easy. In fact, a  lot of us plan things ahead using the best technique we know or works for us. So planning isn’t the problem. General laziness and short attention spans are some some of few reasons things that were planned in advance do not get done. But it is an undeniable fact that we move forward at least a bit more with a plan, than when we don’t have one in the first place.

There’s no dearth of apps and techniques to plan things in advance. One among them is MoreDays that plans to mesmerize with the sheer beauty of the web app. Moredays is a completely new way of planning and recording life that cross the borders of standard planning and turns paper calendar into an electronic/digital calendar. Time to take it for a spin!


Creating content is a tedious job. While it is so fulfilling when you have the finished product in front of you, it is such a drag when you are working to get it done. In the same vein, discovering best content online has become equally tiresome, thanks to the tens of thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of new, user generated content showing up online these days.

Many startups are hard at work to find a solution to discover quality content. Thoora too is built with that in mind. The developers claim that the app offers a new way for you to discover, monitor, and share the best of the web: by creating living bodies of knowledge on the topics you choose. That’s an interesting statement, but I would like to test their claim firsthand. Join me after the jump.


We’re surrounded by beautifully designed sites and apps nowadays. Every new app, it seems, has an increasingly intricately designed icon, and bad designs almost feel startling. Unfortunately, when most of us set down to design a new icon or lay out a clean interface on our sites, we feel like we come up short. Whether you’re an advanced designer or haven’t ever opened Photoshop, sometimes we all need to learn from others and get feedback on our work.

Design is an iterative process. It takes inspiration, perhaps from others’ work, and it takes feedback from others on what you’re doing right and where you’re missing it. After all, don’t forget Picasso’s famous quote that’s been popularized by Steve Jobs: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” After the break, we’ve put together a list of a dozen of our favorite sites that can get you inspired to create and help you get feedback on the things you’ve created.


Web development is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The value of the web has become apparent and business and individuals alike have jumped on board the web bandwagon. During it’s humble beginners, you might find a web developer writing his code in a text editor like Notepad. However, as the web technologies themselves progress, developers can take advantage of rich web apps to produce their content.

In today’s extended roundup, we’ll be taking a look at around eighty or so tools that operate entirely on the web, that you can use in your web development workflow. For the purposes of this roundup, “development” refers to the overall process of a website’s creation and not necessarily just the coding side of things.

Let’s get started.


We have a lot of apps to upload and manage images on the web. Web apps like Picasa, Flickr, Smugmug etc. offer free plans to upload images and share them with others but they aren’t without their limitations. Free accounts are always associated with a maximum file size limit, low quality of converted images and a feeling that your private moments reside in a third party server.

Got a webserver and some bandwidth to burn? Read on to learn how to set up and manage Coppermine Gallery, a self-hosted image management solution.


We come across a boat load of images every single day. In this social age, we share images of friends, happy moments, anniversaries, karaokes, pet hamsters, etc. via email or social networking sites. However awesome or how many images there may be, the standard form of consumption is click and view. That’s too many clickety clicks everyday. Is there a fun way to share and view images?

Team Animoto says Yes. Animoto team has a very nice intro video briefing what to expect from the service. The video runs for just 60 seconds and the visuals are stunning. Let’s see if the service also lives up to the awesomeness of the intro. video.


When it comes to sharing photos, there is no doubt that Flickr is the tool of choice. But what about web sites or more web focused images? There has been a desire from the creative community to have a tool that allows people to save, categorize and share content they find on the web.

Ember is a tool that was built to meet that exact need.


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