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HTML5 promises to give you a sexy, embeddable and customizable HTML5 video player for your website that will work in every major browser (and quite a few minor ones too). SublimeVideo is currently in beta, but it’s coming soon and we’ve got the scoop. Read on after the fold to learn how to use this fantastic web app.


You’ve probably heard about the HTML5 video hype relatively recently and the excitement over what is has to offer in comparison to Flash. That’s all great but not many people know what players or sites they can use to jump on the HTML5 video bandwagon.

I’ve rounded up 10 of the best sites that offer HTML5 video playback, embedding and/or customizable HTML5 video players. Read on and let us know what, if any, you use for HTML5 video!


Awhile ago we took a look at Digital Journaling with Penzu and since then the Penzu team has been hard at work making their app even more outstanding and feature rich. The biggest changes, however, have been the addition of mobile support using the power of HTML5—including offline support.

With well rounded support for all the major mobile platforms, Penzu is certainly a web app showing others how its done. We’ll take a quick look at a few of the new features in the desktop app then check out what they’re offering for mobile devices.

Penzu has also offered to give 1 Year Free Pro accounts to a few lucky readers! Read on for more info.


With a combined app count that exceeds about 400,000 in the app stores of Apple & Android, why would anyone want to use mobile web apps? Openness and a level playground are the two things that keep web developers going.

It might be in its infancy, but HTML5 is the next 500 pound Guerrilla and much more as far as Internet is concerned. With features like plugin-less video playback, offline storage, geo location etc., HTML5 is on the verge of giving walled gardens like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Cocoa a good run for their money. After the jump, we have compiled a list of HTML5 web apps developed for accessing from your smartphones.


HTML5 is still a developing technology and we’re barley beginning to see its capabilities in more advanced uses such as games. Though HTML5 isn’t even in its infancy yet, it’s beginning to emerge and here are 10 HTML5 games paving the way.

Edit: With the addition of an HTML5 version of Asteroids, submitted by Shkwav.


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