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Wireframing and mockups have become the de rigeur in today’s world of web and app development — it’s a process that keeps communication clear and helps everyone (clients, designers, developers, and even UX folks) get on the same page on a project. One of the best tools for the job is Balsamiq, a suite of apps and plugins that encourage rapid yet detailed wireframe creation, sharing and collaboration.

Today we’ll take a look at the suite’s newest app, a web app named myBalsamiq. It’s packed with features that not only make prototyping easy for designers, but also allow coworkers and clients to share feedback and discuss ideas effortlessly. And hey, it looks like it might even be fun to use. Let’s sign up for an account and see how it works.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting HotGloo. The developer describes HotGloo as a web app that has been designed for the creation of interactive wireframes and is intended for use in web projects to help visualize planning processes, co-wireframe with team members, coordinate website contents with clients, or provide a precise framework for designers and coders. The application stands out for its intuitive design and high standard of interactivity and collaboration.

Read on for more information and screenshots!