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We’d like to say a big thanks to our Web.AppStorm weekly sponsors. We’ve had a number of great apps sponsor our site so far, and we’re very excited to be featuring them. If you would like to feature your app on our site with an advertisement, be sure to check out our available slots on BuySellAds or register for a weekly sponsorship for your app.

If you haven’t already checked out our the great apps that sponsored our site last month, be sure to check them out now!


Looking for a simple way to keep your online stores updated with the latest products you’re selling, as well as easily update text, images, and prices on your existing products. File2Cart makes it as simple as uploading one file. Just signup for an account and integrate it with your shopping cart software, then upload your updated product list file and schedule when you want it updated. File2Cart will do the rest. Its that easy!


If your business needs a groupware solution to keep your work flowing online, TeamWox might be just what you’re looking for. It includes collaboration features like a calendar and task list, and even includes advanced modules like a CRM, IP PBX system, and more. You can use their SaaS version from TeamWox’ servers, or purchase and run it on your own servers. It’s as flexible as you need, with all the features you need to keep your business running in the cloud.


Objectiveli is a unique productivity app that’s designed to help you accomplish your objectives and complete your goals. Instead of just keeping of with your things to do, it’ll help you work towards your long-term goals and make sure all of the objectives are met. With options to create sub-objectives and delegate objectives to others, several unique ways to view your goals and objectives, and 100% free accounts while in beta, it’s a productivity app you should try.


Keeping track of all the notifications and messages you’ll receive throughout the day from your web apps can be daunting, especially as most of them don’t offer native push notifications on smartphones. Hojoki is an innovative new web app that brings together notifications from over a dozen web apps, letting you see them all in Hojoki’s web app or in its native apps on your iPhone or Android device. Best of all, it’ll help you prevent information overload by combining similar notifications and not bombarding you with everything at once.

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Think you’ve got a great app? Sign up for a Weekly Sponsorship slot just like this one.

Our weekly sponsor this week is Hojoki, a web and mobile app that makes all of your web apps work as one.

Ever missed important activities of your co-workers? Hojoki is a great app that provides you with push notifications whenever there’s an update in your productivity tools. It currently integrates with activities from 19 apps, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Basecamp, Google Calendar, Github, and more.

Once you create a quick account or download their mobile apps and sign in, you are asked to connect your productivity apps. From this moment on, it regularly checks in those apps for updates and pushes relevant changes to you. You’ll never need to go check each app to get updates, and you’ll never have to worry that you’ll miss an important update from your team. Hojoki will make sure you get every notification you need, right in one app on the web or your smartphone.

Hojoki is designed to help prevent information overload. Instead of being bombarded with new updates with a conversation is going on or someone uploads a set of pictures to your team’s Dropbox, Hojoki will send you an initial notification and then aggregate all new notifications about that activity for the next 15 minutes. It’s a clever system that will keep you productive and connected, all at the same time.

Go Get It!

If you’re tired of having to check dozens of apps and accounts daily for updates, be sure to try out Hojoki. It’s 100% free while in beta, and will always have a free version. That makes it an incredibly great deal, considering the amount of time you can save when you won’t have to check all of your apps constantly for new updates!

Think you’ve got a great app? Sign up for a Weekly Sponsorship slot just like this one.

Cloud services are a dime a dozen these days, and all of them promise you wouldn’t have to carry a flash drive in your life. But how do you keep track of them? Sure, most have mobile versions of their apps and you can always use that on the go. However, seeing them all in one tool seems to be asking too much – or is it?

Hojoki is a web app that allows you to see a feed of all activities in your cloud apps, bringing together your Dropbox, CloudApp, Zendesk, and Basecamp, and more. It’s in Public Beta and is free for now – with a future pricing plan in store. So how does it work? Read on to know more!