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If you don’t deliver on what your customers expect then pretty soon you won’t have a business anymore. Fortunately, there’s software out there to help you provide the kind of service that will keep your clients coming back for more. A good web-based customer service app can mean the difference between an excellent customer experience or a customer service horror story like these.

I’ve picked out six great web-based customer service apps that can ensure you provide a high quality of customer service to make sure your customers feel valued. Many of these apps appear in GetApp’s GetApp’s GetRank quarterly ranking system of top the top web based apps for customer service. All of this online customer service software requires a subscription in order to use, although most vendors offer free trials or freemium models.


Any business looking to ensure that they offer a good customer service to their consumers is going to want some way of providing help to their users online. In today’s competitive market, being the best is crucial and if your customers think that you’re going to do your best at making sure their issues are rectified, there’s no doubt you’ll probably get repeat business. There are plenty of high-quality support ticket apps out there, but these can often come with a matching price tag. Luckily, there are some free options, too.

The app I’ll be looking at today is Trellis Desk and it certainly fits within the free and high quality category. All you need is a web server to install it on with some basic requirements and you’re away!


For businesses that offer a service of any type, you need to interact with your customers. Whether they’re simply asking questions or filing complaints, a good tool and process helps you give your customers a good experience.

And web companies everywhere are recognizing that Tender is a leader in this area. Read on to learn more and for how to win a membership of your own to this great tool.