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Want to get ahead in business? Get an app! Today on Appstorm I’m going to highlight 25 fantastic web-based business applications. Some will help you manage a team, manage your finances or even manage your customers, and all of them will help you to improve your businesses efficiency. These apps all have a free version, or at least a very comprehensive free trial.

Lets dive in!

[Note] This article was originally published in December 2012. It was updated in October 2015 to include freemium apps for business.


Sometimes it seems that it’s easier to create an awesome product than it is to efficiently support your customers. Your customers issues can range from simple issues to major problems that your whole team will need to resolve. If you simply rely on a forum or a default inbox, it’s easy to overlook issues and fail to get back with your customers.

Recently, Zach wrote up a detailed review of one of the newer support tools online that’s designed to solve this problem: Help Scout. Help Scout is a support web app that’s built entirely around email, making it incredibly easy to manage your tickets from your favorite email app or their beautifully designed web app.

Today, we’re excited to share an with you our exclusive interview with the Help Scout team. They’ve shared with us their passion for support and email, their favorite apps, and the things that motivate their team. After the break, we have a dozen questions with their thoughtful answers about their company and the market in general.