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By now, most web users will have seen a promotional message on a bar at the top of some sites that you frequent — they’re a great way to draw your attention to new content, special offers, events and announcements. It doesn’t hurt that they’re easy to implement and update whenever necessary, and that’s what has made this bar a tool of choice for modern webmasters.

We’ve already looked at a very popular option for this called Hello Bar, and today we’re going to check out what the competition has to offer. ThreeBar is another app that lets you create promotion bars, analyze the impact of your messages and engage your site visitors — but is it the best option for you? Let’s create a bar of our own to find out. (more…)

If you manage websites, you know how important it is to keep your content fresh and up-to-date. It’s also crucial to guide your users towards your new content, without marring the site design and experience you’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating. Pop-ups and banners are distracting and so 2003. Is there a way to grab your users’ attention while being subtle about it?

Consider Digital Telepathy‘s Hello Bar. It’s a customizable bar that positions itself at the top of your website and displays messages, links or even data from RSS feeds. You can use it to promote new products or services in your online store, announce the launch of a new section on your blog, display tweets from a live event or anything else you want your users to see. Will it work for your site? Let’s deploy our own bar and find out.