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Website heatmaps have revolutionised how major companies, particularly the ones trying to sell you something, design their website. For those of us unfamiliar with heatmaps they’re graphical overlays which demonstrate ‘high’ usage parts of a webpage.

In the early days of the Internet such information seemed unnecessary. But now, people click a lot faster than before with most webpages only open for a matter of seconds. This is thanks to both increased user browsing ability and faster connections.

So with the likes of Amazon making use of ‘Big Data’ to capture your every twitch of the mouse how can us little guys still make a buck from our website. Well MouseStats claim that they offer highly accurate heatmaps to small users. But I was sceptical. Heatmaps have been reserved for larger companies involving expensive software packages. If MouseStats actually can offer heatmaps for your website are they any use to small businesses?


Many online businesses and websites operate in the same vertical. Often, their services and design could be strikingly similar, making it difficult to stand out. Then there are situations when, even after lengthy brainstorming sessions with experts, a clear idea of the feature-set isn’t be formulated. Two questions always linger in the minds of developers and entrepreneurs — how do you decide which features to include or omit and how do you increase conversions?

Once you have answers for the two questions, you can sit back and start counting the money. Tools and talent that can help get usable feedback are exorbitantly costly — at least up until now. Verify allows you to quickly test concepts with users to get immediate feedback. Keep reading to find how you can save time and money with Verify by testing pages before you start redoing everything.


To best serve your website’s audience, you need to understand them as best you can. The best way to do that? Analytics. There’s a few ways to track your website’s traffic, though Google Analytics is probably the most popular due to its price — free.

However, Google Analytics has several important features missing that other analytics providers offer; namely real-time stats and heatmaps. Reinvigorate is one of those providers, which we’ll take a look at today.

The Reinvigorate team has also generously offered a sweet promotion for our readers, so be sure to take a look!