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I have a confession to make; I am a huge Harry Potter fan. This may not be too surprising if you know I’m a pretty big nerd. What may be more surprising is I just got into it within the last two years, so I had some catching up to do. But once I read all of the books and saw all of the movies, I wanted more. I started reading interviews with JK Rowling and other websites and came to find that the Harry Potter World is a very well thought out and immersive one with endless depth to the characters. Fans (myself included) wanted a resource where we could tap into that world.

Pottermore gives us that.


Reading the Harry Potter books is a magical experience. From the beautiful mind of J K Rowling, it is a fantastical journey filled with magic, adventure and a boat load of twists. Not to mention the depth of characterization, each with their amazing uniqueness they feel so real. While the tale has been told and books have stopped, the movies have not.

Just like real life celebrities, the characters of Harry Potter series have millions of fans as well. There are always conversations, book readings and debates happening online and today we’ve compiled a list of online hangouts for us Potter fans. Since this site was designed by muggles, Alohomora won’t work, so click on More instead to read on.