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Whether you’re starting a new company, are working on your own personal side projects, or trying to manage a team at your existing firms, there’s a ton of web apps out there to help you out. From online code management tools to dashboards to see how your team’s doing and services that’ll take much of the work out of building new apps, it seems there’s a web service for everything these days. The only problem is, they can all add up to be fairly expensive over time.

You don’t see many discounts or bundles on web apps, but this week, the folks at Hacker Monthly — a magazine version of the popular tech forum Hacker News — have put together quite the nice bundle of web apps for anyone who’s developing web apps: the Hacker Bundle. It’s got Geckoboard to make a status dashboard for your team, BugHurd to track your app’s bugs, Beanstalk to privately host your code in Git or Mercurial, Twilio to add voice calls and SMS to your app, Mandrill to add email to your app, Visual Web Optimizer to make sure your app is running great, and more!

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 4.54.57 PM

Most of the subscriptions included are for 3-6 months, and all together would cost $1500. In the Hacker Bundle, though, you’ll get them all for just $37 — less than the price of just the Beanstalk plan.

If you’ve considered using any of these web apps in your startup, be sure to check out the full bundle of web apps within the next week or so while the bundle’s still live!