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I’m sure we’ve all heard of a site called iFixit, the site which provides easy repair guides for a wide range of products, including Apple devices, games consoles, digital cameras and so on but I’d hazard a guess at the fact that not as many people have heard of Dozuki, which is the fantastic system that actually powers the website and makes creating and running a “how-to” guide on the Internet a piece of cake.

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The best way to unwind after a hectic work schedule is to travel to a destination that helps you relax. Be it domestic or abroad, a change of place plays a vital role in rejuvenating both mind and body. Besides, travel and tourism help boost cultural relations and local economies too. However, at times the tedious work behind planning a vacation might make us rethink our decision.

There are tens of thousands of online outlets trying to help you find an ideal travel destination. But a major portion of these so-called travel recommendation engines tend to be just Google ads plastered spam sites.

Travellerspoint takes a different approach that’s actually useful. It claims to be one of the web’s largest and most active travel communities with members representing every country in the world. I tried to plan my vacation at Travellerspoint and came up with some interesting choices. Care to know more?