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When I was a young boy I always wanted to grow up to become a professional website designer. A few decades later reality hit and made me realize that my dream would never come into fruition. But, I wasn’t depressed at all because I found Greasemonkey. With Greasemonkey I could become a web designer for any website, making tweaks with a few lines of code. I could customize any website I wanted, getting rid of the stuff I didn’t like, and adding new features to my favorite sites.

Greasemonkey is a free Firefox extension that lets you insert bits of Javascript into the website you’re looking at and has made my browsing experience a whole lot better. It’s extremely customizable and can be made site-specific. If you know how to code you can create your own script, but if you don’t, you can head over to and find a huge repository of Greasemonkey scripts. Greasemonkey scripts can be used for all occasions, and I’d like to share a few of my favorites. Each of these scripts has improved my browsing experience in some fashion so I hope they can do the same for you. Enjoy!