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Most of us have a social networking account from a site such as Twitter or Facebook. For individuals, this gives us a great way of networking with interesting people interesting people. For businesses, it allows customers to really engage in a more personal level.

However, sometimes we want more from our face online. We might want to write more, and be sign in a tailored light. That’s why so many people have websites and the like, which provide an online face to yourself that’s been customised to how you want it to look and feel like. If you don’t have the time, effort or money to launch a fully-fledged website about yourself (or maybe you’re just not that interesting), these services allow you to create a quick ‘n’ easy profile page.


The internet is increasingly a social place where we can actually see the things our friends and colleagues are doing across the web. Social networks bring updates from all of our connections together, and RSS feeds help us see what others are writing on their blogs. However, it can still beĀ surprisingĀ sometims to stumble upon a random blog post and see that one of our friends have already commented on it. You might recognize what they wrote just from their name, but most often you can easily recognize them from their profile picture.

With the hundereds of sites you might visit over the course of a week, there’s no way you’d have enough time to upload your profile picture to all of the sites you comment on. That’s where Gravatar comes in. This popular service from the folks at Automattic saves profile info for millions of users. Sites across the ‘net, from WordPress blogs to web apps we review here, then automatically find your picture from your email when you register.

Want to get your own Gravatar? Here’s what you’ll need to do.