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When Google Voice was first introduced in 2009, many weren’t sure what to make of it. I, and others I’m sure, saw something exciting. Instead of using those ridiculous “free texting” apps for my iPhone, why not get a number with Google Voice and start using the service for all SMS? It worked perfectly, and didn’t cost me a penny.

Things have changed since the original days of Google Voice, though. Getting a personal phone number at the service has become harder, even though it’s still free, because so many people are using it. There’s also the fact that the free calling feature is scheduled to leave at the end of this year, which may drive away some users. What about an alternative? CallingVault looked nice back in May when it first started accepting beta invitations, and the service has finally granted me entrance. It’s only free while in beta, but looks promising enough to be worth switching to. Shall we take a look?