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Google is set to co-launch the Chromebook, a new category of computing, alongside Samsung and Acer this month. To recap for anyone who hasn’t already seen our coverage, a Chromebook is a notebook that runs only Google’s entirely cloud-based OS, Chrome OS. Two models, with WiFi or WiFi + 3G connectivity, will be available internationally on the mid-June release with special business and education programs available to help bulk customers distribute the costs.

However, there was another smaller announcement made during Google’s recent set of presentations – the Chromebox. The Chromebox is a so-called “nettop” that looks and feels like a Mac Mini, but runs the same cloud-based operating system. Naturally, I don’t think anyone sees this as a real desktop alternative, but it might have some indirect potential that could make it a true contender in certain markets. (more…)

Whether you’ve admitted it yet or not, we’re going though a dramatic change in the way we consume our media thanks to the advancement of the internet, web and mobile device technologies. Yesterday’s news was the “death” of newspapers, today’s news is the “death” of traditional TV sources such as cable and satellite. But are they really taking a hit? Are people really cutting the cable and going full-on web?

In the past we’ve rounded up twenty sites with free video on demand, but, with the exception of a select few, these were nothing more than supplemental entertainment sources. Then we rounded up the top seven web-integrated media centers, which are great advancements but certainly not full-on replacements for traditional TV providers (at least for most people).

As we reviewed, Hulu Plus brought us exciting new capabilities for getting one of the most promising cable cutting services onto our mobile devices and into the living room. But, it was found to be quite disappointing. Now we have Google TV. It’s certainly promising, but is it really ready for prime time? Not really.

Personally, I “cut the cable” long ago and haven’t looked back, but then again my life does generally revolve around the computer. Which kind of consumer are you? Perhaps, like me, you only stream (or download) your media? Or maybe the thought of ditching your cable gives you nightmares.

Let us know with a quick vote in our poll and leave a comment to share your thoughts; I’d love to hear what media sources you prefer!

About four months ago Google announced Google TV, a new platform similar to Apple’s web-to-TV product, Apple TV (sorta). Google TV differs in that it’s actually an internet experience on your TV, built for your TV. Bringing the experience of the internet into the living room isn’t a new concept, it’s just taken some time for anyone to actually get it right.

Has Google done it right? Well, we don’t know yet but early impressions would lead us to believe so. If Google TV can succeed where others have failed, it might have the power to tip the internet vs cable TV scales in a new direction. Read on for more details and our thoughts on Google TV.