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This week we featured a new cooking site, Gojee, that takes a unique approach to helping you find great meals to make. You can find the foods that you can cook with the ingredients you already have. The only problem is, the pictures look so good you’ll wish you could just hit print and get your meal immediately.

We’ve gotten to do an interview with the Gojee team as well. They’re an interesting team that wants to make sure the world can eat better, easier. After the break, you’ll hear about their favorite hot drink, why they love cooking, and the tornado that attacks their workplace daily.


In a lot of ways, the sharing of recipes harkens back to times past. To a time when family recipes were closely guarded secrets, when picnics and get-togethers were an every weekend affair, and showcasing those family specialities was a point of intense pride.

Sharing recipes was an intimate thing, but in the Web 2.0 world, recipe sharing joined the list of digitally social things to share. Like music and video and status updates about your life, a cacophony of sites sprouted up around the idea of sharing recipes with your friends, family, effectively the world. Beyond that, skilled culinary experts started embracing the blogging culture, spreading their knowledge and sharing their passion with all who would listen.

But as of late, there hasn’t been much innovation in the field of recipe sharing and curation on the Web. Most sites are pretty straightforward, nothing out-of-the-box or original to speak of. Until now.

Enter Gojee. They have a different take on the curation of recipes. Less interested in user generated content, Gojee culls the best recipes from some of the best sources on the Web. They present it in a beautiful, cutting-edge manner. But enough with the summary. Let’s dive into Gojee, see what it has to offer.