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Christmas time is here, and with that comes traffic jams in mall parking lots and the never-ending decisions over what gifts would be great for everyone on your Nice list. But playing Santa can be a rather hard job, especially if you’re trying to find something that’s special and unique.

It’s nearly impossible to buy gifts that are web app centric, unless you’re buying a Chromebook or perhaps a Firefox phone for a special someone, so we didn’t do a roundup of gifts just for web app fans. Instead, we’ve included a ton of geeky gifts in our roundup of gifts on Mac.AppStorm, and there’s a ton of stuff for everyone on your list. You’ll find the latest Doxies (great for scanning documents and saving them to your favorite web apps), the awesome Raspberry Pi (the $25 way to get online), and much much more.

If you’ve got some holiday shopping left to do for geeky folks, this is the list for you. Go check it out!

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Crowdsource funding, like Kickstarter, has really started to infuse this idea that getting something no longer has to be done alone. It actually is a pretty genius idea when you think about, instead of having one person fork over $1000 to make a project happen, why not get 100 people to pay $10? The odds are better that the later will happen and you can actually get what you want accomplished.

Well, what has started to happen over the past year or so is a trend to now take this crowdsourcing concept and apply it to other areas, like gift giving. When I first started to see this concept, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Why get ten decent gifts, when you can get one amazing gift from those ten people? Not only that, but it brings a sense of community and meaning to the gift as well. So when I came across Givted, I thought I had to see what it was all about and how it takes the gift crowdsourcing platform and makes it their own.


The world wide web can be a dangerous place for me at times, especially when I see a cool new product. I have a hard time when I come across a cool iPhone case, or some other cool gadget that I just “need” to have. I know I am somewhat obsessed with technology, but I always feel like I have to have the latest and greatest. Granted, I don’t go too overboard and I make sure to stay within my limit and there are times when I have to save the item that I want for later and actually save up for it.

There are a variety of ways that I have tried to save things that I find on the internet that I want to buy later. I have bookmarked websites and I have also tried to use sites like Pinterest and Clipboard as well. Needless to say, for whatever reason none of the things that I have tried seemed to work well. So, a little while back I found out about Wanelo, which is a place where you can store things that you want to buy. But it is more than just that, it is kind of like Pinterest, but more of a niche service. Let me show you what I am talking about.


I will be perfectly honest and say that I am not the best when it comes to buying gifts for people. I tend to not know what to buy or am too lazy to go out and shop. With Christmas coming up, I dread even going within a 100 feet of a mall if I don’t have to. I like to do all of my Christmas shopping online if I can.

Well, now there is a new way to give a gift to someone that you love or just want to surprise: Treater. It’s a web app that integrates with your Facebook account and gives you the opportunity to purchase and send gifts electronically. At first, I was a little skeptical by it, but when I tried it out it actually worked okay and I can see something like this being the future of gift giving. Let’s take a look at it.


Remembering to purchase gifts and send good wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events is often difficult. While I remember the biggest events, especially those for close family, it is hard to remember extended family and friend’s birthdays. You have to make special calendar events for those big days, and if you don’t realize it’s coming up until the day before the event, it is a challenge to find an appropriate gift on time. Luckily, a new gift giving service called GiftDish was created to make your gift-giving life a bit simpler.

GiftDish is a service which connects to your Facebook account to keep track of the birthdays of all of your friends. Sure, Facebook already tells you everyone’s birthdays, but it doesn’t let you automatically send gifts. GiftDish, instead, lets you keep up with Facebook birthdays easier and send simple gifts (a note, personal video, or gift card) far in advance of the birthday. GiftDish also allows you to add events that aren’t on Facebook, such as anniversaries, graduations, or simply birthdays for people you aren’t friends with on Facebook. Read on to learn what I think about the service and how to best use it.


It’s the season of giving, the time when you have to rack your brain to figure out what to buy your Mom that she’d actually like, while trying to simultaneously figure out how you’re going to cram in that one extra Christmas party in your already packed schedule. It may be the season to be jolly, but looking at people’s faces in lines and parking lots, you wouldn’t know it. And that’s sad. We get so distracted by the preparations for holidays that we forget the very meaning behind the special days we celebrate.

This year, more than ever, some of the best things you could think of to buy your family and friends are virtual. Whether you want to give a copy of Cars 2 to your nephew or copy of Steve Job’s biography to your coworker, often the digital copy is the best way to go. If I made a wish list, it’d have more digital items than physical items. Even a new Dropbox or Evernote Pro subscription would make an idea gift for many people on your list.

Only thing is, it seems somewhat odd to give a virtual gift. There’s something about giving a big wrapped box with a bow, the anticipation of ripping off paper, and the surprised delight with the actual gift that digital items just don’t have. It simply isn’t as exciting to pull an iTunes gift card out of a stocking or open an email telling you that you’ve been gifted a book or web app subscription, even if it is just as useful and fun.

I’ve personally given a number of digital gifts, and am sure I’ll continue to do so in the future, but I feel odd giving them without a little something extra, perhaps a candy or some other trinket. So how about you? Do you give digital items, or are boxes still essential to your Christmas? Perhaps Dropbox should start selling gift subscriptions in real blue boxes…

Valentine’s day is nearly upon us and, like many, you may be short on ideas for gifts for that special someone; or maybe that special someone lives far away and shipping a physical item won’t arrive in time. You could send an e-card, or maybe send some money through Paypal, but those options just won’t do the job.

BoonSpace has you covered by combining one of the best e-card creators and sending money as a digital gift. You can show you still care with a unique and very personal e-card as well as a digital gift, in place of a physical one, that can be used to purchase whatever your special someone really wants. We’ll take a look at BoonSpace and how they can help out this Valentines.