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Remembering to purchase gifts and send good wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events is often difficult. While I remember the biggest events, especially those for close family, it is hard to remember extended family and friend’s birthdays. You have to make special calendar events for those big days, and if you don’t realize it’s coming up until the day before the event, it is a challenge to find an appropriate gift on time. Luckily, a new gift giving service called GiftDish was created to make your gift-giving life a bit simpler.

GiftDish is a service which connects to your Facebook account to keep track of the birthdays of all of your friends. Sure, Facebook already tells you everyone’s birthdays, but it doesn’t let you automatically send gifts. GiftDish, instead, lets you keep up with Facebook birthdays easier and send simple gifts (a note, personal video, or gift card) far in advance of the birthday. GiftDish also allows you to add events that aren’t on Facebook, such as anniversaries, graduations, or simply birthdays for people you aren’t friends with on Facebook. Read on to learn what I think about the service and how to best use it.