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There’s dozens — hundreds, even — of places to make a free blog or basic site online. You could likely name 3 quicker than you could finish reading this website. But where could you host a plain HTML and CSS based site for free? Think, real quick. You want to hand-code a site in HTML and CSS, perhaps throw up a few images as well, and get it online for free. Any ideas where to put it?

Likely, you drew a blank, as I would. If you don’t want to use a CMS, and you just want to experiment with raw web code, you’d better get a hosting account or have your own local server.

But now, there’s another option: NeoCities. Designed as a 21st century reincarnation of GeoCities, NeoCities lets you make your own site for free from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images, providing it’s not larger altogether than 10Mb. And it just might spark a renaissance of creativity online, aside from CMSes that make your site look like everyone else’s.