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Internet forums and instant messaging would be nowhere without animated GIFs. They convey our shock, humour and disbelief, all in a series of crudely captured images — normally referencing movie scenes or TV shows. 4Chan would certainly be a much darker place, that’s for sure.

Due to the ‘Love it or Hate it’ viral voting system of the Internet, only the best GIFs are seen by millions.

Giphy is a large collection of GIFs created by a community of artists. Unlike more open communities such as Reddit, Giphy creations tend to be created from within the community as opposed to simply up-voted for popularity. Surely, the Internet has enough GIFs. Can this site offer anything we haven’t already seen?


Here at AppStorm, we love games! Why not relax for a minute and find a fantastic new game to enjoy – hopefully these roundups will help you out.







While web apps are a great way to get work done, they’re also a great pastime. With the recent introduction of the Chrome Web Store, you have instant access to thousands upon thousands of great web-based games in one place. Developers have been working hard making stellar games for the web, specifically in Chrome, and are even porting famous iOS and Android titles such as Angry Birds over to the browser.

With so many games available, the Chrome Web Store has more than a few undesirable titles which may not fit your gaming style. Fortunately for you, I have crafted a list of our top twenty games from the Chrome Web Store. Before you start installing these games, make sure you’re running the latest version of Chrome on your computer so you can play these games without any issues.


How many games have you bought based on good reviews and recommendations? One of my favourite games of all time, Portal 2, was bought following a recommendation from a friend, and I’ve bought countless apps on my devices based on reviews I’ve read across the internet. Reviews are a great way of discovering and judging apps and games you’re interested in buying.

However, they are even more important to developers where bad reviews can make or break there game. Reviews play such an important role in a game’s reputation and marketing that a PR firm contracted for the game Duke Nukem Forever threatened to blacklist publications for giving bad reviews to the game. (However, the publisher soon parted ways with the firm due to the scandal.)

Promoter is a web app that can help developers, publishers and PR firms by aggregating mentions and reviews from a wide range of mainstream blogs and sites for a game. This means a user can be left with a timeline of their game’s activity on the web, as well as presenting select reviews with a public page on Promoter.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting The Game Crafter. The developer describes The Game Crafter as an app for designing custom board games and card games. You upload your rules and artwork, choose from a vast array of components to flesh out your game, and then you’re ready to start ordering copies. You can build custom board games for less than it costs to buy a game in the store. And our minimum order size is 1 copy. We are print on demand for custom board and card games.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Not long ago, games were meant for hardcore gamers and were for those with high end desktops. But now, there are so many games available in so many forms, people actually have to find some time in between games to catch up with work. Every kid and their grandma is now playing one game or another, thanks largely to casual and social games.

Browser based games are immensely popular because they are real fun to play and most of them even work behind the firewall of organizations. These games might appear simple, but in fact a lot of design and coding has to be done to bring them to life. For those with cool ideas but no coding knowledge, apps like Scirra Construct are a boon. After the break, let’s dive in and see how to create our very own browser based game in HTML5.


Up front, I’d like to admit that I’m no coder. My knowledge of HTML is rudimentary at best – simply formatting tags for text often give me a run for my money. But I like to think I can recognize when something really cool is happening in the web development space. I remember watching one of the first demonstrations of HTML5 a while back: Google had changed their homepage logo (as they sometimes do) to a cluster of floating bubbles that reacted to the position of your cursor pointer. I was really impressed by this, because it was the kind of thing that typically required flash, or some similar technology. The implications of this were huge, particularly for flash-like functionality on iOS devices.

OLO is a simple, web-based, two-player game designed with CSS3 and HTML5 by the folks at Sennep. It is meant to be played on a touch device–the same webpage that will execute the game on a touch device is simply instructional on a desktop browser. In addition to playing in the browser of your touch device (for my tests, I used the iPad), you’re invited upon visiting to add a shortcut to the page to your home screen, which enables offline play.


Games sure are a fun way to cool our heels after a hectic day of work. But for some of us games happen to be more than a pastime and in some cases, passion. Broadband played a pivotal role in not only making games more interactive but also making way for a cheap distribution channel.

The raise in popularity of the virtual goods economy in the recent years jumpstarted the online gaming industry once again and now we have tons of awesome games available for free. Here at Web.AppStorm, we never miss a chance to review and round up cool online games. Keeping up with the tradition, we have compiled a list of fun online games that are free to play online. Dive in!


Angry Birds is quite literally, a phenomenon. It’s strange how many people have shed countless hours of their time by flinging angered birds at virtual pigs protected by structures of varying size and type. The Rovio Mobile studio, developers of the popular game, started with humble beginnings in 2003 as Relude, being renamed in 2005 as Rovio. In December of 2009, less than a year-and-a-half ago, they launched Angry Birds and I don’t think they at all expected it to become this big.

Angry Birds was originally launched on Apple’s platform, the iPhone, from launch and was later joined by Android, webOS and Symbian in 2011. It made the jump to mainstream traditional computers in 2011 with the launch of the Mac App Store and the Intel App Up store for Windows.

With Google’s impending launch of their Chromebooks and the continuing success of Chrome, Rovio Mobile’s Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka took the stage at Google I/O this year to announce Angry Birds coming as a web application. Although it is available primarily through the Chrome Web Store, anyone can point their browsers to to launch the same web app.


There aren’t many of us who would pass on a good adventure, whether real or virtual. The adrenalin rush and the sense of achievement that follows an adventure is pure and awesome. Our way of life and responsibilities make adventures in real life a rare occurrence. Now that games have better story lines for an adventure, spending couple of hours a day building an army and a civilization can be cheap and priceless at the same time.

After the break, you’ll find 10 great, fun adventure games that are free to play solo or in teams.

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