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Imagine that you were kidnapped by persons unknown. Imagine you were dropped off somewhere completely alien to you – you could be anywhere in the world. You don’t know who captured you, and you don’t know where you are, but you know you’re being followed. This is the basic premise for Pursued, an ambitious online game that makes use of Google Maps as a game world rather than a tool for working out directions.

We’re big fans of conundrums here at Web.AppStorm, so we thought we’d take a look at this intriguing puzzler.


We’re excited to let you know about the latest addition to the Tuts+ family — Gamedevtuts+!

Gamedevtuts+ is dedicated to teaching game development, with tutorials, tips, and articles about level layout, game design, coding, and working in the industry. We walk you through how to create games from scratch, go into the theory behind game development, level and character design, discuss working in the industry, and much more…

Read on to find out more about the all-new Gamedevtuts+!


We do get a lot of email these days. I am not talking about spam – clean, legitimate emails from people we know and do business with. Leave it unattended for a couple of days, your email inbox will look like a war zone with the causalities being your productivity and reputation. Besides, it has become a fashion to complain about email overload.

For those who are really serious about clearing out their inbox and get things done, there are some great apps to lend a helping hand. Email Game is one such app and is a new way to read and respond to email.